Security Roles

Door Supervisor

Door Supervisors

Critical injury and death cover.

If you are front line, the simple fact is, you need Umbrella Protection.

Lets face it, on every shift you work you are putting your physical safety on the line. Now as much as we don’t like to think of it, if you were injured to the point of being unable to work, what would happen to your wife, your kids?

With Umbrella Protection you know that in a worst-case scenario your family would at least have a cash injection to help them. You are literally buying peace of mind.

Legal protection

For both good and bad we live in a blame culture.  When this is good it means that bad people are held accountable for their actions. When it is bad it means that there is a temptation for people to play the system for their own financial gain. Example – a drunk customer falls over, sees the chance to make a quick buck in compensation and blames you?

You need Umbrella Protection.

Members have access to their own legal advice service.

Someone makes an allegation against you? Call us.

Incident (at or outside work) you are involved in finds you in trouble with the law? Call us.

Employment problems? Call us.

Divorce, dispute with your neighbour, wills and anything legal? Call us.

At the price of a cup of coffee a week, you literally cannot afford not to have Umbrella Cover Protection.

Sign up now for ONLY £9.45pm!

It's quick, it's simple and you'll be covered within 48 hours of completing the form!
We cater for individual security professionals and security companies looking toprovide cover for their staff.

Sign up now for ONLY £9.45pm!

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24/7 support for mental health, online consultations, in-person consultations, CBT and no-more NHS waiting times

Tax Services

No Refund, No Fee Guarantee from our Tax Rebate specialist partners. Putting more money back in your pocket

Legal Advice

Experts available 24/7 to help guide you through any legal proceedings and to help prevent them

Individual Membership

£ 9
  • Payouts of up to £100,000
  • For Accidental Death, Disablement, Fractures, Burns and more...
  • Health & Well-Being, Legal Advice, Tax Services

Family Membership

£ 14
  • Everything in Individual Membership
  • For you, your partner and your children
  • Greater peace of mind

Individual Membership


Family Membership