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CCTV operators make up a significant number of SIA licence holders. The challenges and risks facing CCTV operators are significant and different to those working in, for example, the night time economy. The likelihood of being injured through an interaction with an aggressive customer if you are OPs room based is obviously small. But working in the pressure cooker environment of the CCTV room brings its own risks.

Work related stress is a silent and stealthy menace. Long shifts, unsociable hours and often less than perfect working conditions.

Thankfully talking about stress and mental health issues is not the taboo it once was, but how much support do you have?

Umbrella provides a free telephone counselling service as standard. If you require face to face counselling, you’ll get that too. All our staff are qualified and certified and your issue doesn’t have to be directly caused by your job. The World outside work can throw its fair share of emotional curve balls at us, and these can affect our ability to work. Don’t wait until you can’t cope to reach out for help.

You will also be given access to legal help and support. Nowhere else in the industry is legal protection more relevant than in the CCTV room. Ensuring you are on the right side of the law.

We help with your tax too. Do you know how to claim for everything you are entitled to? Our tax processing service is simple and user friendly. You fill in some basic detail online and we do the rest. Best part – we can often claim for the last three years back taxes, you could be sitting on quite a windfall!

At the price of a cup of coffee a week, you literally cannot afford not to have Umbrella Cover Protection.

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We cater for individual security professionals and security companies looking toprovide cover for their staff.

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